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The following books have been released by Harlequin Regency,
Mills & Boon Historicals, or Harlequin Historicals

No Occupation for a Lady
October 2012 (UK)
ISBN: 978-0-373-30651-0

Improper Miss Darling
February 2012 (UK)
ISBN: 978-0-263-89224-6

Brushed by Scandal
August 2011 (UK)
ISBN: 978-0-263-88793-8

Courting Miss Vallois
January 2011 (UK)
ISBN: 978-0-263-87841-7
Reprinted November 2011 (NA)
ISBN 978-0-373-30628-2

A Most Unsuitable Bride
April 2004 (UK), Reprinted 2006 (NA)

A Scandalous Courtship
November 2002 (UK/NA), Reprinted 2004 (NA)

The Guardian’s Dilemma
(The Steepwood Scandal Series)
March 2002 (UK), 2003 (NA), Reprinted 2007 (UK)

A Most Improper Proposal
(The Steepwood Scandal Series)
September 2001 (UK), 2002 (NA), Reprinted 2007 (UK)

An Innocent Deceit
October 2000 (UK), Reprinted 2004 (NA)

An Offer to Love
October 1999 (UK), Reprinted 2002 (NA)

Blackwood’s Lady
May 1999 (UK), Reprinted July 2005 (NA)

A Promise to Return
April 1994 (NA), Reprinted 1998 (NA), 2006 (UK)

Letters to a Lady
September 1993 (NA), Reprinted 2007 (UK)

The Blade and the Bath Miss
February 1993

Bittersweet Revenge
July 1992


The Last Fortune
(in the anthology It Happens at Midnight)
January 2012 (Amazon Kindle)


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