The Cinderella Weekend


Life hasn’t exactly been rolling out the red carpet for thirty-nine year old Margaret O’Malley, so when she wins an all expenses paid, week long vacation in a luxurious mountainside chalet, she isn’t about to turn it down. Problem is, Maggie’s not the only one who arrives at the exclusive ski resort looking for rest and relaxation.

Pierce Gordon has been coming to Silver Mountain for the past fifteen years and he is not happy at finding a feisty redhead and her man-hating cat parked in his living room. But when he finds out he’s partially to blame for the mix up in reservations, he offers Maggie a solution. She can stay at his chalet for the week and he’ll try to stay out of her hair as much as possible.

Unfortunately, as the week goes on Maggie realizes she doesn’t want Pierce staying out of her hair, and worse, when Pierce finds out it’s Maggie’s fortieth birthday, he decides to give her a weekend she’ll never forget. But like Cinderella in the fairytale, Maggie soon discovers that glass slippers are easily shattered and that dreams have an unfortunate way of turning back into reality.

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